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What Does your Jazz Band Play?

This year we are playing some cool song. Blue Cellophane Happy-Go-Lucky Local I Didn't Know About You (contest songs) Peanut…

12 years ago
by jazzcharts (1 post)

John Packer soprano saxophones

I am about to start lessons on soprano saxophone and have been looking at second hand saxes. I have found a John Packer, a…

12 years ago
by Saxquest (420 posts)

Cool/Unique sax effects

Any cool effects or licks that are really unique any of you guys enjoy to play, or heard on some recording and really liked?…

12 years ago
by saxhouse (1 post)

Conn 30M

Hi folks, I have just acquired a 1937 conn 30M which needs an overhaul. Any thoughts on the type of pads and resonators I sho…

12 years ago
by saxgourmet (127 posts)

GSA audition pieces?

Okay, so I have an audition for the governor's school for the arts in february and I need a piece that showcases my ability o…

12 years ago
by krestonsmith (12 posts)

Transposing C to E flat

I have alot of Piano music but dont know how to put it in the key of E flat.Can anyone help me with this? Thanx in advance

13 years ago
by Gor_don (1 post)

M5 or M6 mouthpiece for Alto sax?

need a jazz mouth piece for a jazz ensemble and was recommended either the m5 or m6...which is better?

13 years ago
by msf1994 (1 post)


im looking for audition peices my audition is Feb 24th does anyone know of a good etude ? here is what the site said Required…

13 years ago
by Allentara (1 post)

help with audition music (i suck)

Hi, I really want to join the jazz band for my school, but I don't quite understand the music that they gave us. here's the l…

13 years ago
by EVilla (3 posts)

Helmke tenor Sax

I own a Helmke tenor sax. My major question is, is the brand any good?

13 years ago
by TBone55 (5 posts)

Just Pulled The Trigger on an Evette-Schaeffer Alto

New member here. Daughter is in her second year of High School, and playing the alto in both marching- and symphonic band. Sh…

13 years ago
by Dragonwing (1 post)

Solo or ensemble contest for scholarship?

Do you know of any contests that offer scholarship money, money towards instruments, or a chance to be recognized? I live in…

13 years ago
by SaxyClarinet (1 post)

I need a good classical horn that can rip it up in jazz!

What are good horns that can be used for playing classical pieces with a great tone and has the capability to have a good jaz…

13 years ago
by LifeCrescendo (4 posts)

Cannonball Vintage or Yamaha Custom Z

Hi i am a senior saxophone player at my high school that is about to graduate and go to college and my dad is buying me a new…

13 years ago
by dgallego (27 posts)

Professional Tenors for under $3,000

I am a sophomore in high school and I have been playing saxophone for six years. I am currently using my school's old '52 Beu…

13 years ago
by dgallego (27 posts)

What sax should I buy?

I have been playing alto for 5 years, and will be a sophomore in September. I'd like a sax that works for both marching (we h…

13 years ago
by dgallego (27 posts)

Pro Alto!!!

I've been playing sax for 5 years now, (a freshman in high school) and i'm very serious about playing. I usually practice for…

13 years ago
by SaxMan88 (318 posts)

Saxophone Audition Thoughts?

I'm getting ready to audition for college on the alto saxophone and i have chosen "Gypsy Rondo" by Joseph Haydn. I'm just ask…

13 years ago
by SaxMan88 (318 posts)

YAS-62 Alto Saxophone - Vintage Purple Label

What do people know about this model? It's not new...about 15 years old. Is$1500 a decent offer for this sax which the person…

13 years ago
by buschy (1 post)

No one over 18 allowed!!!

this is a thread for anyone in high school, here you will get information from other kids instead of the more "logical" infor…

13 years ago
by Neco293 (3 posts)

HELP with chords and stuff? :/

I was wondering if someone could give me a link to a webpage that shows all major jazz chords. I've never learned how to read…

13 years ago
by KennyBee (4 posts)

How good is an alto Selmer Aristocrat AS600??

My son has been playing this horn since he begin band in middle school and is now a freshman in HS. He has advanced greatly a…

14 years ago
by Stephanelli (2 posts)

Selmer c* mouthpiece

I have a Selmer C* mouthpiece, and i was wondering if anyone knew of a way to get an odor out of it. I got it used and it is…

14 years ago
by chalazon (547 posts)

Tenor Sax Solo with Concert Band Music-High School Level

I'm looking for a a tenor sax solo with concert band piece that is at a high school level for band and soloist. Any suggestio…

14 years ago
by cmsoper (1 post)

Yamaha yts 23

I am looking at buying a Yamaha YTS 23, I am a beginner and I don't want to spend too much money. I found one that is a prett…

14 years ago
by kelsey (930 posts)
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