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by breimers
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18 years ago

refurbishing a vintage Conn saxophone

I'm trying to do a reality check on a few quotes I've gotten for refurbishing a 1930 Conn New Wonder alto saxophone. It needs a full re-pad job, has a fair amount of red rot and a few loose keys (they rock a bit). What should I expect to pay to have this work done?

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  1. by cooke
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    18 years ago

    Re: refurbishing a vintage Conn saxophone

    There is a guy named OXLEY in prescott AZ. Call him tell him what you need done. He'll tell you everything you need to know about your sax and what it'll cost to get it fixed. He is an expert on woodwinds and alcohol. so after he quotes you take off $50 and thats a great price. Don't have him do the work unless you have weeks to wait, but as a source of information he is it!

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