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by Grubsax
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15 years ago

Unlaquered brass

I recently bought an unlaquare

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  1. by Slausonm
    (51 posts)

    15 years ago

    Re: Unlaquered brass

    In my not so humble opinion, stripping lacquer or having an unlaquered instrument just speeds up the destruction of the horn. Alchol is a good choice for cleaning as it evaporates quickly and will clean off your fingerprints... If you are looking to shine up the horn, alcohol won't do much and using polishes will just keep removing the brass if you polish it a great deal. My suggestions: use the alcohol to clean it and only polish it on occassion when you want your horn to look pretty. Some people use wax to protect the unlaquered surface, but I find this strange .Why remove one finish only to add a different one? Matt

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    1. by connsaxman_jim
      (2336 posts)

      15 years ago

      Re: Unlaquered brass

      There is a product called Neverdull, which works well for unlacquered brass horns. Unlike many other polishes, Neverdull is a treated cotton or wool, so it's easier to work with. A can will cost you about $8.00, and comes with enough cleaner to last quite a long time. It will dry out though after a while. Jim

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