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by mom2johe
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13 years ago

Urgen help requested - DING ON SAX QUESTION

My poor son finished playing a 'gig' this evening at a coffee shop. One of his fellow musicians who is about 2ft taller than him swung around quickly and swung the bell of his horn into my son's pro Yas-62 and caused a large ding! What now? Can you please educate me about the repair process, where to go (we are in NW Indiana), how long it should take, how much it should cost etc? Thanks so much!!! I would appreciate any insight about this. Thanks... he is devastated! Also, the other musician heard the sound and felt the clang when he swung around and caused his sax to crash into my son's. He said that he was sorry and now we don't even know how to handle that part of it. I would like my son to tell him what happened in an effort to make him aware so that this costly damage won't occur again. Help....

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  1. by chalazon
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    13 years ago

    Re: Urgen help requested - DING ON SAX QUESTION

    accidents happen..on the band stand..did'ja ever drop something? Was it negligence?Go to yellow pages under band instrument the music section..any reputable dealer should have a reputable tech. Ask to talk to the tech personally..check out the shop..does it look competent? Does the fellow seem to know what he's the nearest university..get ahold of the sax instructor and ask him who he recommends..I can't see the dent, so I can't guess the price..if the ding is in the bell it shouldn't be terribly pricey..if it's in the tube it's abit trickier..still, a good tech can remove the dent with little long? how busy is the tech? If the fellow offers to pay for it, cool. If not, well, accidents's a jungle out there..that's why I have a job.

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