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by Jehan
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11 years ago

Sax effects and pedals

Hello all, I'm new to the forum - hi! I play in a band and I'm looking into effects pedals for delay, reverb etc. I'm new to this side of things and looking for some general advice on which way to go i.e. is guitar pedals and amps the best route to go? any ideas be much apprecieated. thanks

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  1. by cgrantmaledy
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    11 years ago

    Re: Sax effects and pedals

    I'm new too, but have used electronics in my setup for 10 years. The first thing I will recommend is that you buy NOTHING without trying it out first. a guitar amp is kinda silly if the band has room for you in their PA setup, but if they can't put you in the monitor mix or don't have enough channels, an amp can be of use. One important thing to consider is that the way an electric guitar creates signal to send to the pedal is different than the way you saxophone through a mic will. Some guitar effect pedals that are freaking awesome on guitar will be freaking lame on a sax (analog delay is typically one of these). digital delays, chorus, phaser, flanger, sometimes wah pedals (Morley is generally better for our purposes) can all work. Distortion almost never does for me, with a few notable exceptions. I recommend the multi-effect processors, these don't always sound awesome on guitars but all of the effects (yes, even distortion and compression) work with a sax. whatever you end up with, put an tuner in your line up, it can be a mute switch as well, or you can have it run while you play (pretty sweet for a gig so loud you can't hear yourself). another important question is what kind of mic are you using?

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