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11 years ago

Scratches inside the Sax, please some advice!

here is the story: I bought a new Tenor Sax from Antigua (TS 4240AQ) about 3 weeks ago. The sax didn't include a care kit so I got one in amazon from Conn-Selmer. I was cleaning the instrument inside so I used the Bore Swab that came with the kit. This one has beside of the cloth and the string, a plastic brush which is supposed to be wrapped with the cloth to make it more safe but still abrasive. The brush is hold with a twisted metal wire which has a dangerous sharp endings (I don't know why they made it like that) anyway I proceeded carefully to dry the sax so I passed the swab 4 or 5 times smoothly, but then I realized that the metal wire was rubbing the tube inside so I can see several scratches (long lines/not deep) all across the instrument. Some one can tell me if this is going to impact the sound of the instrument? What should I do? I am feeling quite sad due it happened on my new tenor sax. I will appreciate any advice and/or opinion. Thanks in advance. Jaime.

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