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9 years ago

Hi from rainy France

Hi all sax lovers.

I just joined after reading an article about my current problem, the apparently common tenor high G issue. 

I am a long time Jazz enthousiast but only a fairly recent and very modest saxophone student. I didn't think I could ever get started playing an instrument approaching 50, but a couple of years ago, on a slow winter evening, I felt somewhat excluded when my wife and two of my kids were playing their respective instruments and I couldn't participate. So I started looking at the cost of a saxophone over the internet and decided I could do it. It has been a long time fantasy of mine that I never thought I could accomplish for various reasons, including the fact that I never studied music as a kid, or only some rudiments.

 Anyways, I started by acquiring a Yamaha 275 student sax to get started, then bumped into a vintage silver plated alto (Super Rex sold by Renoux in the 50s) by accident and found myself passionate about restoring it. I followed up by acquiring a silver plated Martin C-Melody from 1923 that I overhauled, including a complete pads replacement. I can't say, it's perfectly setup, but it plays, provided you take the time to warm it up... and I have a few more projects lined up to satisfy my experimental sax-repair needs. Time and money being a limiting factor of course. 

Also, to keep up the good work and try to improve my playing, I invested in two highly recomended purple logo Yamaha models: YTS-62 and YAS-62. The later being currently in a pro-shop for setup! I am not yet qualified, experienced nor equiped to treat them as they should for a quick and reliable result. 

So, I still have a long way to go before I can really call myself a saxophone player, but I am trying to progress and there are some very sound pieces of advice here that I will be applying to my practice. 

Enough said for today and back to work, trying to get that High G out of my tenor sax. 

Cheers from France, where we are still looking forward to welcome the Spring!


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