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by garycsilber
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9 years ago

Hello from a new member.....

Hi, all. My name is Gary, and I'm an almost  60 year old professional photographer and an amatuer musician. I play the tenor saxophone, the cello and the classcal guitar, but I'm now primarily interested in studying the Soprano saxophone. I have bought and sold two first instruments, and right now I'm playing a beautiful used Cannonball Global Series two neck, black nickel finish soprano, but I'm very interested in adding a Selmer soprano to my collection. I've always loved Henri Selmer instruments from Paris.. I own a new Kessler Custom tenor, and I used to play a Selmer Mk VII in high school, some 40 years ago. I'm not a gifted musician, but I'm determined to go as far as possible on the soprano saxophone. I  shifted to the soprano from the tenor because of its small size so I can take it with me as I trave to see my daughters and grandchildren. I also like it because it is more of a classical instrument than the tenor, which is associated mostly with rock and modern jazz, neither of which interest me much musically.

My only saxophone teacher was Chicago jazz musician Joe Daley, when I was in high school (1968-71). His best know student was John Klemmer, who has had a major career. I played in a soft jazz quartet in high school, then drifted away from the saxophone and took up the cello. Right now, I am looking for either a regular teacher or a pro to give me guidance ocassionally.

I am interested in classical, easy listening, New Age and soft jazz type saxophone music. I look forward to getting to know many of you here. 

Best regards to all,


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  1. by kelsey
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    9 years ago

    Re: Hello from a new member.....

    Welcome to
    My experiences with Selmer Mark Vl sopranos wasn't good. I play a Mark Vl tenor and Alto and love them both. The Vl Soprano I had was very hard to play in tune. As far as sopranos go I've had the best luck with Yamahas. The older YSS 62 is a great horn....Welcome to the site....Kelsey

    Barry Kelsey

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