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10 years ago

The_Muton from France

Hi dear members,

I'm a pianist (amateur) from France.
I play on a numeric piano since one year - I played since I was a kid, but I stopped during my studies for a long time...
Sometimes I post videos on youtube in order to "keep" souvenirs of my interpretations, and also, to see how people react ;)

I had the opportunity to "work" with a very talented saxophonist some days ago: he helped me just for fun, on my project, and he did some improvisation on a videoclip.

More than words, may I introduce my musical project and my friends with this video?
I hope you will appreciate it, as it's dedicated to all musicians and singers.
(I hope I respect this forum's rules with this link)

Feel free to contact me for any opinion/advice about the video or the project :)
Thank you! 

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