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by crwebee
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9 years ago

Just a newbie looking for some help

So, a quick history of me. I am 52, I played from 8 to 18, playing in my high scool marching band for 4 years, and Jazz band for the last 3, and not playing since. (So many excuses, none are worthy) My reason for landing here is that I have 2 vintage saxophones, a soprano and and an alto. At this point in time, my question concerns the soprano. It is a Selmer, with a serial nomber 33980. I would love an age on this, as my family story puts it at around 80 yrs old. Yes? No? Just curious as to the history.

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  1. by JonHuff
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    9 years ago

    Re: Just a newbie looking for some help

    It's a late vintage Selmer Balanced Action soprano, dating to about 1947 based on that serial #. These tend to be nice horns, but can be a little pitchy sometimes, depending on the sax. There's some great info on this website under the "saxophone museum" link that might help you out too.

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