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9 years ago

Buescher True Tone 1912

Good day:

I am new to the saxophone, but play harmonica, guitar, keyboards/piano, uke and sing.  I play and sing in a blues band and wanted to bring a sax into the group eventually.  I have not played sax before.  I have a Buescher-Silver True Tone Alto-Low Pitch (1912-1913) that was my father's horn.  It has been sitting around for about 12 years and is in really good shape, but it needs an ovehaul, which could run about $800 or more.  My questions are:

  • I live in the Chicagoland (suburbs) area and need a reputable repair shop any recomendations"
  • What should I know before I walk into these stores so I do not get ripped off?
  • Is this sax easy or hard to play?
  • What is the best mouth piece, pads and ligs for this horn?
  • Is this a good horn to start out on?
  • Is there anything else I missed?

Thank you


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