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I've played the sax since 1968.  I took lessons pretty consistantly through college and recently started up again on basson.  My first lessons were in the 4th grade on a Conn 10M which I could not reach around.  It still gets a lot of use.  I'm just completing work on a 1924 and 1908 Buffet sopranos.  This are identical except for the double octave key on the earlier horn.  I am interested  in early saxophones and early keywork.  Although primarily and Sax and oboe player, I never know what I am going to be asked to play.  

Favorite Pit Orchestras.
1940s Radio Hour (In photoo with 40's 10M)
Jesus Christ Super Star (oboe combined with rock and roll Sax!)
Bonnie and Clyde
Most interesting recent performance.
Beethoven 9th, First oboe and covered Bassoon solos. 

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