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by Curtis105
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8 years ago

New to woodwinds

Good evening.  Up until now I have been primarily a brass player.  Back in 1983, while stationed in the Navy in Washington State, I came across a saxophone, poor lonely thing just hanging fron the wall by a literal shoe string.  Felt sorry for the old thing and bought it.  So here I am, 33 years later, finally had new cork and pads installed and I am going to start to play.  On a side note, look at the pictures of this instrument and see if anyone has ever heard of it.  Have not been able to find out much.  Thanks.

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  1. by woolyhead
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    8 years ago

    Re: New to woodwinds

    I'm not an expert but it looks like an alto or maybe a C melody sax to me (lol). The other and more important thing is "does it play well?" I too was a brass player for many years until one day I suddenly had the urge to play a tenor sax. Don't know why or how but it happened in Ronnie Scott's club. It was several years later that a mate of mine was getting a brand new sax and he offered me his old one. I paid far too much for it because I didn't know its lack of value but I learne to play on it and soon earned the price back from doing gigs. My advice to you would be to play it by ear so that it doesn't matter what type of sax it is. As soon as you start reading in a band you have to know what the instrument is, ie C, B flat, E flat or what. Anyway good luck and happy playing!

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