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by franko48
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8 years ago

Mouthpiece reed info needed?

I just picked up an old tenor saxophone that came with a #3 Goldentone mouthpiece. I had seen in another post it is made by Selmer. I have been practicing for about a month on an alto but was wondering for this tenor I picked up would it be best to just start with a 2.5 reed with this goldentone mouthpiece? I am presently using 2.5 reeds on my alto which uses a yamaha 4C mouthpiece since I am new to playing again since I layed the horn down over 20 years ago. Thanks for any info.

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  1. by JonHuff
    (117 posts)

    8 years ago

    Re: Mouthpiece reed info needed?

    I would stick to the softer (2.5) reed at first, just till you get a feel for the sax again and strengthen that embouchure. As you advance on tenor (and alto) you'll probably want to move to a harder reed if you plan on sticking with those mouthpieces, but that is down the line. Good luck!

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