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 I am an ex saxophone playe living in France who has joined the forum to ask for some advice about my instrument. I hope that what I am doing is not regarded as being mean or unacceptable because I do know, because I am a member of other interest group forums, that sometimes these things can be frowned upon. So I am sorry if this first post offends.
I bought my Yamaha YTS 25 many years back as an interest and played it for about a year and then fell out of it, which was a pity because I was making good progress but I am essentially a guitarist and for me the sax was never quite as spontaneous as my guitar which I would just pick up and play at anytime. The long and the short of it is that I feel it is a pity to have the instrument lying in its case doing nothing when someone who really wants to play the Saxophone could be playing it. So I have to ask the question what is the bestway I go about selling my Sax? Ebay perhaps or are there dedicated site that specialise in Saxophone sales? The instrument is in excellent condition with the original case and lots of reeds and a brand new Ottolink #5 mouth piece as well as the original, Rovner Dark 3ml fabric ligature, Neotech strap and a stand, so everything a would be player needs.
If anybody has any advice they could give me I would be very grateful.
with best regards

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