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by woolyhead
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8 years ago

overtones on a tenor sax

Does anyone know of a table showing what overtones, harmonics etc come into prominence at every note on a tenor sax? I'd like to study this subject and get to understand how the instrument works. Can anyone help me please?

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  1. by JonHuff
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    8 years ago

    Re: overtones on a tenor sax

    The overtone series is always constant no matter if you are playing a trumpet or a saxophone. You have the fundamental (Bb, if you are starting on the lowest note on a sax), then the next octave up (middle Bb), then a 5th above that (F), then a 4th (which is then 2 octaves above your fundamental, Bb above the staff), then a 3rd above that (D), and so on. If you go up a couple half steps and start on low C, it would then go C, C, G, C, E, G,... etc, with increasing smaller intervals.

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    1. by kelsey
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      8 years ago

      Re: overtones on a tenor sax

      We talked about the overtone series as freshmen in music school. It was nice to know about but not important enough to dwell on. Sound, like color and mostly everything, is made up of many smaller parts. As a player I am concerned with my sound and technique but not what parts make up the Bb I just played. (but that's me).....I'm a player, not a scientist! Anyway, good luck with your research and happy trails.

      Barry Kelsey

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