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by mega band geek
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17 years ago

Any ideas as to what could be wrong?

I got a Tenor a few months ago, its a Kolhert Student model that was made 5-6 years ago. Ever since I got it I've been having issues with it, but since I got it from a good friend and fellow saxplayer I didn't think much of it and figured a trip to my tech would fix it. The proplems are the F# tends to jump an octave, the middle A-lower D make a warbling sound (sounds like a leak) and the tone in the upper register is very stuffy. First, I checked it with my own leak light, didn't find a thing so I took it to my repair tech. He couldn't find anything either. I then took it to every shop in the area and none of the techs I talked to had a clue as to what was happening. Now, I know its the Tenor and not me (like several of the techs suggested) because while they were analizing my Tenor I play-tested Tenors that the stores had in stock and had absolutly no problems with them. Any ideas as to what could be wrong? Or should I just e-bay the Tenor, cut my losses, and buy a different Tenor? Thanks.

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  1. by connsaxman_jim
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    17 years ago

    Re: Any ideas as to what could be wrong?

    It probably needs some adjustments. As long as the pads are in good shape, an adjustment shouldn't be too costly. The problem with the Kohlerts and the cheaper saxes is that they don't stay adjusted very well. You may want to look for a better tenor.

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