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by mdriessen
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8 years ago

Buescher Serial # 488855

I am new to this discussion baord.  I have a Buescher Alto Aristocrat with Serial # 488855.  I am trying to gather information on the Sax but I am a novice.  My guess is that it is a "student grade" sax and it was made around 1970.  I have been looking up any information connected to the serial number but there is little detail on the Buescher saxaphones after Selmer bought Buescher in 1963.

If anyone can provide any additional information, I would greatly appreciate it!  Thank you in advace! 

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  1. by mijderf
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    8 years ago

    Re: Buescher Serial # 488855

    You can check the "saxophone Museum" tab on this page, then go to the serial number section and then check the Buescher name near the top.  You can also check out this site:  These two charts agree with each other on your horn.  It appears to be a late 60's horn, and it is generally considered to be student grade level as you had assumed.

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