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5 years ago

Hi from UK

Good morning. I've played tenor \ bari for thirty some years. Right now its tenor solely due to back problems. I play Trevor James raw, and keep a Kohlert as a secondary horn. It is my intention to source another 10M. The last I had was a late 60' s underslung. Not a " Mexiconn " but nothing like the 46 I had prior.
Mpcs are really my thing. I play a fifties Berg duckbill, and frankly don't think that will change.
I have a Lawton 6B on E bay right now, and keep a rare silver Wolfe Tayne as a second. If and when the Lawton sells, I'll be looking for the holy grail. A Berg 130 \0 as played by Lenny Pickett. I'm not a jazz buff; I play R&R....R&B. Influences include, Lenny Pickett, Andy Snitzer, and going back, Sam Butera, Arnett Cobb, Jaquet, John Handy.
I use solely " bari " reeds.
Have a great day and thanks for having me here !! 

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