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17 years ago

Buescherbig"B" alto restoration

Hi guys, I'm new to forum.I'm a drummer who loves saxophones and am now a novice player. I shop on E-bay and am trying to find the right horn. I only shop buescher horns. My uncle worked there. I live next to Elkhart. Ok I have a Buescher 30xxxxx alto in a repair shop"Blessings" in elkhart getting a total repad , laquer removal cause the was probably 10% left. and my question is should I get re-engraving done? I intend to keep this horn but wondered about these alterations on value of horn. I intend to not relaquer. I still could but opted to leave horn bare. What do you think? good move ? Bad Move. Only have $200.00 in Initial buy and 500 in quote on repairs.thank for any imput from you exsperts

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  1. by saxHog
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    17 years ago

    Re: Buescherbig"B" alto restoration

    Why do you want to re-engrave? Is the current engraving buffed out from a former re-lacquer? If not I'd leave it. Once stripped and polished it should look good. If you haven't polished a bare brass horn, you'd be surprised how well it turns out. The draw back is that the horn will need more maintenance compared to a lacquered horn, it will tarnish eventually because of the bare brass but a small price to pay considering to re-lacquering will require buffing. The one engraver I talked to about doing some work for me said that it is better for her if the lacquer is still on the horn, the gravers move better. I don't know if this is true for all others.

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