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6 years ago

New, although a bit older, dude on board

Hi all,

Robert here, Dutch guy living in The Caribbean.
Started playing alto sax a couple of months ago, playing a Buescher TT 1926
No musical background or skills.
My dad seems to have played realy good on a clarinet, which I still have in my possession by the way.
I gave the clarinet a try as well, but due to a neck injury this didn't work out.
Playing the sax is better, doesn't give me that much of a problem so far, using the jazzlab saxholder really helps me.
Really looking forward to read a lot of stuff fom all of you.
Don't expect a lot of input from my side, since I simply have no experience and knowledge,
but will try to, if feeling it could be interesting for someone.

Thx for having me,
Tropical regards. 

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