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by Maxime Carron
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6 years ago

New member, french custom mouthpiee designer!

Hello everybody,

I'm Maxime, a french researcher in acoustics and also jazz musician. With another friend of mine I created Syos, a french company that work on music instruments thanks to computer-modeling, acoustics and psychoacoustics (study of auditory perception). Currently we're doing custom saxophone mouthpieces. I've got a PhD in Cognitive Science on "How people use words to describe auditory sensations" and now I'm using these skills to better understand all the vocabulary used by saxophonists to describe the tone color and to relate that to geometrical features of the mouthpiece (which is a very cool job ). 

Hope I'll meet some saxophonist here to discuss on these topics, or to speak about the setting, or even jazz harmony 


My favorite musicians : Kenny Barron ; John Zorn ; Charlie Haden
My favorite tunes : Vignette (Gary Peacock) ; Voyage, Sunshower & Spiral (Kenny Barron) ; Syeeda's Song Flute (Trane)

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