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by historicsaxwhisperer
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4 years ago

Martin Pivot screws

I was looking at a Martin Committee II tenor over the weekend.

It was missing the lower pivot screw for the High E key.

Anybody know if an older Martin Handcraft Alto without a front F would use the same screw?

I got a parts horn, but the tenor in question is not in town for a quick check.

My option will be to take the screw to the horn and see if it fits, but I'm hoping to gain some knowledge here.

I know Ferres discontinued making these awhile back,

and I think they were a general part. I guess I could ask the Ferrees crew. Also

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  1. by yonysatur
    (10 posts)

    3 years ago

    Re: Martin Pivot screws

    Just ask mendel sax at Mendelhorns@yahoo. If he don,t have it he will make it. This gentleman is the finest sax repairer in NYC of latest years. He is a genious

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    1. by historicsaxwhisperer
      (619 posts)

      3 years ago

      Re: Martin Pivot screws

      This was 12 months ago.

      I did not buy the horn.

      Any good repair guy can make parts.

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