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by karebear1012
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17 years ago

Baby powder?

there's this guy i know who uses baby powder for sticky keys. is this okay for any type of horn? would it hurt my selmer ref at all? thanks!

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  1. by mega band geek
    (60 posts)

    17 years ago

    Re: Baby powder?

    stay away from using powders on a regular basis... after a while they build up on the pads/inside the tone holes and make a slight sticking problem really bad...

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    1. by Slausonm
      (51 posts)

      17 years ago

      Re: Baby powder?

      Stay away from powder or other products like this. Pads stick generally because they are dirty. Keep your horn clean, and have it disassembled and oiled properly once in a while and you won't have a problem. You can have the pads that stick, carefully cleaned, or replaced if they are that bad. I've had he same set of pads in my flute for almost 20 years, with no appreciable wear. I'm a repairman.

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