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17 years ago

Conn reso's --- Why?

I've been contemplating using reso's on some vintage Conn horns I own. All other vintage Conn's I've done,rolled tone holes and not, I've used Ferrees Conn replacement pads. They worked fine and still do. From their construction, overlapping the cup edge and the steel ring in the pad would seem to make them more stable, longer, and possibly with better sealing qualities, is it worth the expense? Considering they are so size sensitive realtive to the pad cups and just buying measured-from-cup sizes would probably not be adequate the expense would increase. Can anyone offer any sound reasoning why I should use these pads?

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  1. by sax_maniac
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    17 years ago

    Re: Conn reso's --- Why?

    They lend an air of authenticity to the repad. They are extremely firm and flat. (Gotta be sure your toneholes and pad cup rims are level - can't shim and adjust Conn Resopads very easily.) When properly sized to the cup, the fit is very reassuring. A little more expensive and a bit more difficult to work with - sizing, tonehole preparation. I'd not recommend someone work with these unless they are already experienced and comfortable working with traditional pads - like me :) Ferree's is a great operation. In my opinion, they use the best pad leather next to kangaroo leather. Do not be surprised if a pad or two does not exactly fit if you order a pad set rather than individual sizes, but I'm sure they'd work with you on an exchange if that happens. Good Luck!

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