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by Allan S
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4 years ago

Hello, and lower B, A, G not working and playing one note

I live in beautiful Margate UK. 

About 30 years I was learning my B-Flat Tenor sax, and could play simple tunes like, "Pink Panther". I then became busy with work, and stopped playing. 

Now 73 years old, I'm corona-isolated in my home, and wish to re-start the sax for pleasure and eventually to play at family events.

However, the lower B, A, G are not working - they are only sounding one note. 

I'm stuck inside my home in isolation so can't travel to a repairer.

Can anyone help me with advice on how to get lower B, A, G working properly please.

Thanlk you

Allan S 

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    4 years ago

    Re: Hello, and lower B, A, G not working and playing one note

    This souds like a true isolation situation.

    Here is your Hogans Heros Prisinors Camp resolution. Good Luck!!

    First, make sure you did not leave anything inside the horn. An old reed. A rag. Something to block the air flow.

    Look around the outside and make sure the pads look to be closing completely.

    Next you really need to know if you have a bad leak, that keeps it from playing. If you have some Christmas lights, thyat may work well enough to get some light inside the horn while you close the keys in a darker room and look for light leaking out.


    If that is the case, most older horns used a shellac based glue that would loosen up with heat. If you find one spot that has a leak, use a hair dryer, or a heat gun if you have one as direct to that key as possible. Monitor the heat, as it can damage. You can hold closed the key and work out the leak by closing the key. I often use a large needle or Bari needle spring to slightly pry a pad out to close a leak.

    That is about it. If you have a bent key or dent that keeps a key from closing, it gets difficult from there.

    Good Luck. I myself am sort of enjoying my newly available practice time.


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    1. by mijderf
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      4 years ago

      Re: Hello, and lower B, A, G not working and playing one note

      Check the A key (middle finger, left hand).  There should be a piece of felt between the white touch piece and the A key below it that helps close the A key.  If it is missing, or overly compressedm you could have a big leak that causes B,A and G to sound the same.  However, if you go down to an F, the A tone hole should close via a direct linkage between the F and A.  I would look for a leak, and I would start in this area.

      Good luck! 

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