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by LenK
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3 years ago

Altissimo friendlly tenor

Hi. Just wondering if anyone could advise me on a tenor to buy that's altissimo friendly? I've wasted thousands on a couple of duds and I desperately need some advice on this. First one I bought was a 1966 Conn 10M which I had completely overhauled. It was hopeless. Had to use all kinds of crazy fingerings. Then I bought a new Selmer S80 series II. Can't use the front F for G and G#'s a pain. Intonation is disgusting up there as well and have to compensate with alternate fingerings as well. I play alto and I'm new to tenor. It's been an ongoing nightmare with altissimo with the tenor. Nothing wrong with my chops ... done all the overtone exercises and still doing them. It's the bloody horns I'm sure. Your advice will be much appreciated.

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    3 years ago

    Re: Altissimo friendlly tenor

    I knew a guy who had the same problem, but with Fishing.

    He kept buying expensive rods and lures with no result.

    Then he changed his technique and found out it had nothing to do with the rods or lures he was using.

    Try some in depth practicing.

    Good Luck

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