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by Googalar
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3 years ago

New to the music world

Hey You !

I'm a beginner, starting out with a new JP AS-400 alto that arrived Wednesday. I tried it on and blew a few notes but I haven't tested all the keys yet. It’s a weighty little beast! The neck strap and mouth pieces seem to be low grade and leave a lot of room for improvement. Beyond that, I realized I needed a stand and cleaning clothes and I've started learning some of the nuances of playing a sax compared to other instruments.

I'm a retired IT (financial systems) guy and owned a small business in the trades. Now I have all the time I need to work with the sax, beyond keeping my wife happy, which is my pleasure and mowing the grass, which I hate.

There are a couple of sax instructors I've found online that offer courses that interest me. I'm probably going to enroll in one of their courses but I'm keeping an open mind about that until I scrounge around a bit more.

I look forward to meeting you!
Best Regards, Paul aka Googalar


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