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2 years ago

Otto Link Vintage Series Vs Connoisseur Series

Otto Link has come out with another throw back "NEW Series" which JJ Babbitt does not have on their website yet.

Saxquest has it listed as a Connoisseur model EB , meaning Early Babbitt. $350.00

Sax Alley has it listed as the New EB Early Babbitt. and too early for a picture. $316.00

I have not tried one and it is considered different form the New Vintage Series, with the Otto Link emblem at a slant, which is a somewhat newer model, that I strongly recommend. saxquest  $169.95

This NEW Connoiseur series is considered the Early Babbit version and has  EB with a straight Otto Link Emblem marked on it. Made from original Early Babbitt molds and hand finished. Not the same rubber makeup.

Has anyone tried this new/old/remade model? For the extra cash is there much of a difference in these two models?


I have a number of metal originals from this time period, since this was when I was young and you could get them from the local music shop. Mid to late 70s.

Does anyone know if this is just the first issue, of a few, that may be release in

"The Connoisseur" series?

I think Link is just wanting some of the hype money the rare vintage pieces bring and figure, they own the molds, so" lets make some money"!! Double the price. Smart move with all the overpriced new innovative mouthpieces out there today.


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