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2 years ago

Clean a saxophone from 1914?

I have a Buescher Alto from 1914.
I know that there are some antiques that you shouldn't clean - old should look old.
The silver is tarnished.
Nobody has played this for any length of time in 40 years.

Should I have a repair shop polish it? Should they do an acid bath?

I would guess it's ok to have new pads and cork.

My son is studying to be a band director.  I want him to have it.  He wants it to be playable.

I can take some pics and upload, if helpful.

I appreciate any guidance anyone has.

 Thank you. 

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    2 years ago

    Re: Clean a saxophone from 1914?

    1914, if that is correct, is a very primitive sax. As a collector and refurbisher of vintage saxophones, that up front SCREAMS a lot of work to and end result of a horn with little value. Horns of that age are often in High pitch, as opposed to low pitch, correct pitch today of A=440, an L or an H under the serial number lets you know which it is. So, a serial number will tell us the true age and what you got, model wise.

    But if it plays, that is a good sign. Polishing is not necessary But it is not like it is frowned upon to have it shining. To do it correctly, it should be dismantled, cleaned, regulated, oiled, pads and cork replaced as necessary. If you dont want to go all into that, get a silver jewelry polishing cloth, or 2 or 3, and just start rubbing it down.

    Good Luck!

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    1. by [email protected]
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      2 years ago

      Re: Clean a saxophone from 1914?

      I don't see an L or an H, but through the emblem stamp is written "True Tone."  Under that is Low Pitch.

      I know that old guns are supposed to look old.  It sounds like you don't think that's true for saxophones. 

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