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by straightj23
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16 years ago

Dirty sax?

My newer tenor has pad leaks and it'll take me time to take it to get it looked at. Anyway, in the meantime, I'm using a school-owned selmer mark IV. The inside of it looks like someone blowed chunks into it (I guess it's not THAT bad). It's probably just corrosion of the brass, as suggested by my director. Anyway, is there a good way to clean out that horn really well without doing damage to it (since it is not mine)? By the way, what is the best kind of fabric to use to swab out a saxophone?

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  1. by barisax999
    (400 posts)

    16 years ago

    Re: Dirty sax?

    silk swabs work well. i would get the school to take the horn in and get the thing chemically cleaned, that is the safest and most effective way to clean it

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