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by BarneyBFlat
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18 years ago

Pleased to be here, but need advice!

Hello everyone...I'm an older/still learning/semi pro playerand play 1) 2003 CBall curved bell soprano (mostly classical: LOVE it!); Selmer E*/Louie lig./Rico Royal 2.5, 2) 1956 King Super 20 alto (classical and jazz; bought new); unknown mp (maybe a Meyer?)/Louie lig/Rico Royal 2, 3) 1938 Martin Handcraft tenor (bought for $20 in 1960; jazz); Brillhart serial #'ed 5* metal/unkown "gold braclet" lig/Rico Royal 2. I need some advice about the tenor; it was recently rebuilt, bigger resonators, lacquer stipped off...plays beautifully. Problem: need advice on mouthpiece/reed combo. Brillhart is easy to play but has thin sound up top but big at the bottom. I want the big sound all the way. Local retailer sells Dukoff, but I notice lots of players using Link. Could any of you give me opinions on the differences? Any advice on which models to try? Any advice on other mp's to try? All responses gratefully accepted. Thank you...BarneyBFlat

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  1. by Donnie The B
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    18 years ago

    Re: Pleased to be here, but need advice!

    Do not know your tenor to know if this would help, but I have always heard that a Selmer Soloist C* hard rubber mouthpiece gives a good overall response and tone. These are available in nice used condition for maybe $50-$80. Might regret the bigger resonators - I don't know. Good Luck

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