BERG LARSEN Straight Bill 90/3 M Back to model

This is a very nice metal bari sax mouthpiece by Berg Larson 90/3 M. The body of the mouthpiece is cosmetically in very good shape. There is just a little bit of typical wear on the beak and some light surface scuffs near the table left from reed and ligature use. The table, tip and rails of the mouthpiece are all in good condition. It looks like the beak of the mouthpiece was bumped at some point but the tip still retains its clean edge. Berg Larson mouthpieces are often one of the preferred selections for jazz on bari sax. They provide outstanding projection and help add a slight edge to the sound.

Manufacturer: BERG LARSEN
Model: Straight Bill - Stainless Steel
Date Manufactured: 1980's
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