DUKOFF Stubby Dukoff 8 (Serial Number: X187) Back to model

This is an incredibly rare 1940’s Stubby Dukoff 8 metal mouthpiece for tenor. The body of the piece is in very nice condition. It shows just a little wear around the bite plate area but nothing major. The table, tip and rails are all in great original condition showing no signs of previous re-facing or general wear. These pieces have a larger chamber then the BD model Dukoff’s and also feature deep rounded inner side walls.

This is a very sweet playing mouthpiece, it has a huge full resonating sound and carries quite a bit of projection. The chamber of the mouthpiece has a slight roll up in the baffle which takes the air very nicely and is probably what gives it such nice projection. The tip opening on this piece is right around .095”. This was the standard facing size for a Dukoff 8 at the time this piece was made.

Manufacturer: DUKOFF
Model: Dukoff Stubby
Date Manufactured: 1940's
Serial: X187
Contributed By: saxquest.com