DUKOFF Stubby Dukoff 5* (Serial Number: B189) Back to model

This is a Vintage Stubby Bob Dukoff 5* mouthpiece for tenor saxophone with serial number B189. The mouthpiece is physically in very good shape, there is a little bit of cosmetic wear to the original white bite plate but nothing that will effect the way it plays. Its table, tip and rails are all in good shape showing no signs they have ever suffered any major wear or damage. The tip opening on this mouthpiece is just a hair over .90”.

This piece plays with an impressive free blowing sound that is on the warm side in regards to sonic color. It has a large robust sound that has an impressive amount of power and authority.

Manufacturer: DUKOFF
Model: Dukoff Stubby
Date Manufactured: Late 1940's
Serial: B189
Contributed By: saxquest.com