DUKOFF Stubby Dukoff 5* (Serial Number: T581) Back to model

This is a nice playing Bob Dukoff “Stubby” mouthpiece for Tenor sax. These pieces are well known for having a warm but still very powerful free blowing quality to the way they play. The great sound and playability on this piece is due to the great inner configuration of the chamber. Its chamber features a medium to large chamber with deep rounded inner side walls. The perfect slope of the floor to the tip rail helps give it great projection.

This particular piece shows some wear to the outer body but this wear is only cosmetic and does not effect the way it plays. The table, tip and rails are all in very good shape. The mouthpiece was originally stamped a 5* but was at some point opened up a little and now has the tip opening of .095”. 

Manufacturer: DUKOFF
Model: Dukoff Stubby
Date Manufactured: Late 1940's
Serial: T581
Contributed By: saxquest.com