DUKOFF Zimberoff Hollywood 6 (Serial Number: 365) Back to model

This is a fabulous Vintage Zimberoff Hollywood mouthpiece for tenor saxophone, serial number 365. These mouthpieces were not in production for very long and there is a fairly small number of them out there. They were constructed in two half shells of brass and then silver soldered together.

The outer body of the mouthpiece is in very good condition. Its original white bite plate is still intact and shows just a little tooth wear. The facing area of the tip, rails and table are all in clean shape. It looks like the mouthpiece’s profile was at some point trued up a professional mouthpiece technician. This mouthpiece is a fairly warm free blowing player. Its inner dimensions feature a well crafted baffle that helps give the air a nice push.

The tip opening of this mouhtpiece is just a touch under .095"

Manufacturer: DUKOFF
Model: Zimberoff Hollywood
Date Manufactured: 1950's
Serial: 365
Contributed By: saxquest.com