BERG LARSEN Hard Rubber Slant Sig 75/3 SMS Erik Greiffenhagen Back to model

This is an awesome playing hard rubber Slant Signature Berg Larsen for Alto.  The piece was originally marked 75/3 with the offset SMS, and measured out right at .069".  We sent it off to Erik Greiffenhagen to work his magic because it was a little stuffy in the mid register.  He opened the piece up to .082", and now it has that brilliant hard rubber Berg alto sound that so many players long for.  Think Dick Oatts!!!  This is a great example of what a vintage Slant Berg should play like.  It does have some scratching on the back of the barrel from a previous ligature.

Manufacturer: BERG LARSEN
Model: Slant Signature - Hard Rubber
Date Manufactured: Late 1940's
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