GUARDALA Handmade Crescent (Serial Number: G9621) Back to model

This is a fabulous vintage David Guardala Crescent mouthpiece for tenor saxophone, serial number G9621. As you can see from the pictures the body of the mouthpiece is in fantastic physical condition. The facing is in original condition. Its rails, table and tip profile are all very clean and pristine. Its table measures true and the tip opening of the mouthpiece is at .095” making it about a 6* in Otto Link equivalents.

The name “crescent” is a reference to the 1964 studio album by the John Coltrane quartet. John played with a very intense sound character full of life and brilliance. That sort of brilliance is what this Guardala is all about. The overall character of this particular mouthpiece is fairly bright but it is not quite as bright as the Brecker models. The inside of the mouthpiece features a small drop back chamber subtle shelf baffle below the tip rail.

A fantastic playing Guardala with a modest facing of .095”.

Manufacturer: GUARDALA
Model: Crescent
Date Manufactured:
Serial: G9621
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