DUKOFF Zimberoff House of Note BD Supersonic 2* (Serial Number: 871) Back to model

This is a truly rare find. This is a BD Super Sonic mouthpiece for the alto sax. This mouthpiece was made as a collaboration between Bobby Dukoff and Sam Zimberoff. It has a fairly open chamber with a medium facing. It blows a lot like a vintage New York Meyer Bros alto sax mouthpiece. It made of excellent quality hard rubber. This piece is a "new old stock" mouthpieces, in the original box. Its in like new condition. It is stamped 2*, but measures out at .072" which is equivaent to a modern day 5 in Meyer language.

Manufacturer: DUKOFF
Model: Zimberoff House of Note
Date Manufactured: 1950's
Serial: 871
Contributed By: saxquest.com