OTTO LINK New York Slant Signature 7* Brian Powell (Serial Number: 713) Back to model

This is an early New York vintage hard rubber Otto Link “Slant Sig” mouthpiece for the tenor sax, serial number 713. This piece dates back the NY days, before the Otto Link plant moved to Florida. It is in excellent condition physically. Originally table stamped a 5*, it has been professionally opened and refaced by Brian Powell, measuring more like a 7* at .105”. The piece has a couple light marks on the beak, but no other wear of note. No cracks, chips, or major scratches anywhere, and the work on the tip and rails is as good as you’ll find. A great piece with a darker Link sound and good projection.

Manufacturer: OTTO LINK
Model: New York Slant Signature
Date Manufactured: Late 1930's
Serial: 713
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