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This is a great playing Florida Slant Signature mouthpiece for tenor sax with a reface by master mouthpiece tech Brain Powell. The facing of the mouthpiece was originally a 6* but has more recently been opened up by Brian to .110”. The mouthpiece’s body is physically and cosmetically in very good shape. There is a little bit of oxidation fading to the hard rubber finish. Oxidation is a naturally accruing fading of hard rubber as it is exposed to air over long periods of time. It is also purely cosmetic and will not effect the way the mouthpiece plays. The tip, table and rails on this mouthpiece are perfect showing absolutely no wear. These Florida Otto Links have long been a highly sought after mouthpiece that is played on by many of the worlds finest jazz tenor players.

Manufacturer: OTTO LINK
Model: Florida Slant Signature Tone Edge
Date Manufactured: 1960's
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