OTTO LINK New York Slant Signature 4* (Serial Number: 7532) Back to model

Here is the original slant series hard rubber Otto Link of the late 1930's. This piece is in excellent original condition. It is stamped a 4*, but measures closer to a 5 at .065". Its serial number is 7532.

For its age, this mouthpiece is in surprisingly great shape. There are just a couple scratches on one side of the piece, and just a little wear on top from a ligature. The bite plate has a small round guard in place for protection, and looks fantastic. Nearly all of the white lettering remains, with just a small amount of fading on the "Otto Link New York" comapany info on the shank. The tip doesn't have a nick in it, and the baffle and table also appear wonderful.

Suprisingly this piece even still has it's original box. 

Manufacturer: OTTO LINK
Model: New York Slant Signature
Date Manufactured: Late 1930's
Serial: 7532
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