SELMER U.S. Padless model - lacquer (Serial Number: 28028) Back to model

This is a very unique Selmer "Padless" saxophone, serial number 28028. It was designed and manufactured by the H&A Selmer Co. in Elkhart, IN in collaboration with the Buescher Band Instrument Co. The saxophone has no pads on the keycups. Rather, the keys are solid, flat brass that when pressed, seal to a soft leather ring positioned around the edge of the tonehole. This was a revolutionary design that works quite well, but never really caught on. It is a very high quality professional saxophone with left side bell keys and excellent keywork that has the feel of a Buescher True Tone.

The horn is physically excellent. It was relacquered at the factory in the '50's. The neck is original and has just a couple of very small surface dents.

This horn plays quite well, although it is more of a collector's piece as opposed to a player's horn. It is truly fascinating to see this pre-WWII Selmer inovation.

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: U.S. Padless
Date Manufactured: 1941
Serial: 28028
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