SELMER Balanced Action "Dorsey" Series II Alto (Serial Number: 27426) Back to model

Here’s an extremely rare Selmer "Dorsey Model" balanced action alto sax with serial number 27426. This instrument was relacquered some time ago, but as you can see in the pictures, it was an extremely nice job, and the horn was not overly buffed, as even the finest details of the engraving remain easily visible.

The sax has well over 95% lacquer remaining, with only a small amount of wear on the bell and some touch points. It has NO dents, NO dings, and just a couple resoldered joints around the bottom of the horn.

The Dorsey model Selmer was first introduced in May of 1937 almost two years after Selmer had begun production of the balanced action line of saxophones. These rare limited production horns have a balanced action body tube with retro-fit Radio Improved keywork including the eariler Radio Improved table mechanism and bell to body brace. The upper stack is almost 100% balanced action. However, the miracle happens on the bottom half of the horn. The most obvious departure from the balanced action is that the bell keys are located on the opposite side of the bell (left as you're playing the horn).

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: Selmer Balanced Action "Dorsey"
Date Manufactured: 1938-1939
Serial: 27426
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