SELMER Lacquer Super Balanced Action Bari (Serial Number: 51568) Back to model

Well, this is certainly a rare treat! Here we have a late vintage Selmer Super Balanced Action baritone saxophone, serial number 51568 in all original lacquer! This is simply an amazing saxophone.

For starters, the instrument is in excellent physical condition. It has only a few resolder joints on a couple keyguard feet, but all were done professionally and look fantastic. The neck is stripped and in perfect physical condition, stamped with serial number 52434.

This is a phenomenal player. It has a huge powerful response, and a real vibrant resonance that makes playing it extremely easy and comfortable. Just slightly darker in tonal color, it is very free blowing. The bottom end just explodes out of the horn when you push some air through it. You won't find a more flexible core sound which makes tone shaping easy and altisimo is nearly effortless. The intonation is superb!

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: Super Balanced Action
Date Manufactured: 1953-1954
Serial: 51568
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