SELMER Silver Plate Soprano (Serial Number: 55775) Back to model

This is a mid 50's vintage Selmer Super Balanced Action soprano saxophone, serial number 55775.  This is a very, very late SBA, manufactured in the first year that Selmer put the Mark VI into production.  It's in absolutely beautiful original silver plate. The instrument has very little wear and is as gorgeous as it is RARE!

The physical condition is perfect. There are NO dents and NO previous dentwork. There are NO resoldered joints anywhere. All of the pearls, thumbrests and rollers are original.

This is a very special and unique vintage soprano. First of all, Selmer made very few sopranos during this era making this horn indescribably rare. Secondly, the engraving during this era was much more ornate and goes further up the body. Finally, and most importantly in our book, the sound and feel is exceptional. The horn fits beautifully in your hands and feels like it almost plays itself. It is incredibly responsive and resonant, with unmatched tonal color. The horn has a sweet yet powerful core sound.

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: Super Balanced Action
Date Manufactured: 1954-1955
Serial: 55775
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