SELMER Gold Plate Super Balanced Action Tenor (Serial Number: 51584) Back to model

This is an absolutely beautiful GOLD plated Selmer Super Balanced Action tenor sax (serial number 51584).

The sax was triple silver plated and then gold plated, as per the original specifications. It was painstakingly prepared for plating by hand-rag cleaning and was never subjected to any buffing. All of the stamping is perfect and the engraving is 100%. This is one stunning saxophone!

The instrument is physically perfect. There are no past dent repairs and no resolder joints. The original neck with matching serial number is in perfect condition with 100% of the grid pattern on the Selmer emblem still intact.

The sound is powerful with a slight spead around the edges. It has an extremely emotive character and responds quickly to subtle changes in air stream and throat position. Man, what a horn....... it's the perfect vehicle for self-expression!!

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: Super Balanced Action
Date Manufactured: 1953
Serial: 51584
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