SELMER Matte Silver Super Balanced Action Tenor (Serial Number: 38812) Back to model

This is a beautiful and rare original silver plate Selmer Super Balanced Action tenor sax. The finish is matte finish on the body tube and burnished silver on the bell and the keys. It is absolutely gorgeous!

The instument has serial number 38812 which dates it to the first year of production of Selmer's improved Super Balanced Action saxophone in 1949. The instrument is in physically excellent condition. There are no dents and past repaired damages. The bottom bow is beautiful. The neck is the original neck and is also in nearly flawless condition.

The engraving is the elaborate english style engraving that goes down onto the bottom bow. The unique aspect of this sax is the finish. It was a special order at the time. This is the only matte finished silver SBA tenor that we have ever seen.

The overall sonics are powerful and lean towards the darker side of the sound spectrum. The sax has great projection and an ease of response that culminates in a very quick response.

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: Super Balanced Action
Date Manufactured: 1947
Serial: 38812
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