SELMER Engraved Super Balanced Action-Re-Lacquer (Serial Number: 35455) Back to model

This is a beautifully engraved re-lacquered Selmer Super Balanced Action, serial number 35455. This horn at some point was professionally re-lacquered and then professionally re-engraved by renowned artist Jason DuMars ( Some beautiful floral engraving also been added to this horn including a custom engraving on the back of the body tube that reads “SA-HA 1905 -2005,” and engraving around the body brace that reads “Balanced Action.” The work was done by Jason for Sam Arlen, in memory of his father, famous composer Harold Arlen. The custom floral engraving extends all the way up the body tube and down across the lower bow of the horn.

Physically this horn is in great shape, it is currently showing no major dents or dings and the existing finish and engraving are both very sharp. Not all the parts are original on this horn. The left hand table key cluster has mostly been replaced with non-SBA parts. The key guard on the bell looks to be from a later Selmer Vintage. This horn also features a more modern thumb rest. The horn currently has some cork palm risers that can easily be removed without damaging the horn.

This horn includes a silver plated neck of the same vintage but is not the original neck. 

As you can see from the pictures the engraving on the horn is both beautiful and unique. It is truly and exceptional find in consideration of the deco as well as being a great player.

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: Super Balanced Action
Date Manufactured: 1948
Serial: 35455
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